Machine Learning & Product

The Faculty of Medicine at Imperial College is working on multiple data science projects to understand disease outcomes of Pulmonary Hypertension & other multimorbidities. Silico Science is helping them to develop robust ML analyses & turn their research into software products

Machine Learning

Aktana is a commercial pharma software development company with a strong AI component. Silico Science is helping Aktana to develop robust ML models for their clients. 

Analytics & Data Science

Fuel3D is a 3D scanning technology company. Silico Science helped Fuel3D to develop the data science and analytics capabilities in order to commercialise a 3D scanner for preclinical oncology.


Systems Forecasting

Systems Forecasting is the scientific consultancy of David Orrell and Hitesh Mistry. They specialise in applying mathematical and statistical modelling techniques within the field of pharmacology supporting health-tech, bio-tech and pharmaceutical companies.

Future Collaborations

National Health Service

University of Bristol